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Competitive Rates: Many Texas customers are paying 13¢, 14¢, 15¢ or more for their power, AND they have to put down a big deposit. Power House offers great rates and the flexibility to pay as you go.

Great Customer Service: Tired of talking to computers? Power House offers automated methods to answer your easy questions, and REAL PEOPLE available when you need them, or manage your account online. Contact Us to learn more.

Simple Plans: Connect, disconnect, reconnect charges? Late fees? With Power House you can forget all those extra charges. Your Power House rates will be simple and straightforward – no gimmicks or gotchas like the other guys.

Payment Locations Everywhere: Through numerous payment vendors, including Dollar General and ACE Cash Express, you can always find a convenient place to add to your balance. Location Finder

True Prepaid: With Power House, you are simply paying for what you use. With your smart meter, we will know what you are using every day, so there are no surprises at the end of the month. Combine that with no credit checks or deposits, and you’ve got a true pay-as-you-go alternative.